3rd Microbes in the News: Bacteria partners with virus to cause chronic wounds

Bacteria partners with  virus to cause chronic wounds

Summary:  The common bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,  is a  drug-resistant pathogen that causes bacterial infections of those who are immunocompromised. It commonly harbors a bacteriophage, Pf, that occupies the immune response and allows the bacteria to grow at an exponential rate. A vaccine generated by the scientists for the bacteriophage caused a significant decrease in the ability for the bacteria to grow, showing a direct correlation between the bacteriophage/bacteria and how infection can spread because of how Pf and the bacterium working together.

Connections: We have discussed bacteriophages and bacterial infections amongst humans. We have also discussed how bacteria can grow at an exponential rate.

Critical analysis: It is incredible that this was discovered. Amputations are very common amongst diabetic patients with an infected foot ulcer and a vaccine preventing the bacteriophage from infecting the immune cells could help prevent this from being so common in the future. I believe this article is easy to understand and would be easily digestible by the common public.

Question:  Do you think the vaccine could prevent amputations and severe infections in diabetics? Please explain your logic.