A1 Intro Post: Lauryn Harrod

Hello, my name is Lauryn Harrod. I am currently a junior and am working towards my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a concentration in physiology. I am interested in a career that involves animals, whether through conservation, zoology, research, veterinarian medicine or another field. When not studying, I enjoy outdoor activities and hanging out with my dogs. Below are some pictures of my dog Keeva helping me study microbiology with her not so microscopic microbe toys (E. coli, bubonic plague, and the cold virus).

A1-Intro post

Hi my name is Emily. I’m in my junior year as a biology student. I’m interested in understanding more about aging and how it affects organisms and thought this class would be a great resource. I got my nursing assistant license and found out that I love working with the elderly. I have no clue what I want to do for my career and it changes every week but I do really love learning about cellular and molecular biology!

A1: Intro Post – Samantha Pershing

Hello, my name is Samantha Pershing. I am a senior doing my final semester, with a major in biology and a minor in justice. My interest include: hanging with friends, reading, listening to music (everything but metal (my favorite artist is Frank Sinatra)), and playing with my dogs (the picture is my dog, Daisy Duke). My fascination with microbiology is focused on viruses, and how they work.  

A1: Intro Post – John Pierce

Hey Everyone,

My name is John and I am a Junior standing biology student, hoping to pursue Physical Therapy after undergrad. I live in Fairbanks year round, but I have lived and traveled a lot of places! I took last semester off to travel South America and it was a great experience, but now I am ready for the reality of school again and am hoping for a good semester in micro!


A1: Intro Post- Catherine Bristow

Hey! My name is Catherine Bristow, and I am a senior biology student from Colorado Springs, Colorado. My aspiration is to get my Master’s in Microbiology and go on to medical school to study surgery or OBGYN.

I’m currently working on my Capstone paper on the kitchen sponge microbiome. The day after I presented my research, I found this picture, and I was so sad that I didn’t see it in time to include it in my presentation, so here you go!

Image result for spongebob full of bacteria

A1: Intro, Dan Mulkey

Hello all,

I’m Dan Mulkey, 5th year Bio/Japanese major. I’m hugely interested in health and how to maximize the potential of the human body, so I’m hoping we cover some nutritional applications of microbiotic science. Very much a “big picture” sort of guy, but we wouldn’t have big pictures without all the little stuff that makes it up.

Here’s to a good semester!

Me in Enoshima

A1 Introduction

Hey Everyone!
My name is Samantha Smith and I am a Biological Sciences Major with a concentration in Physiology and a Minor in Psychology. I am from Louisiana, where the coldest it ever gets is maybe 30*F and most of the year is spent in shorts and flip flops, so the weather adjustment still makes me a little grumpy, though I have been here for slightly over 2 years now.
A few more quick facts: I have a wonderful daughter who thoroughly enjoys collecting various water samples (Puddles, lakes, streams) and trying to find things in her microscope. The only thing she enjoys more is collecting rocks, and one day I will be overrun with vials of water and heaping piles of rocks. I also have three very pleasant dogs which keep up on our toes.

See everyone in class!

Samantha Smith

A1: Intro Post

Hello, my name is Emily Reast. I’m in my fourth year of my undergraduate studies and hope to achieve a degree in biological sciences. I’m an avid lover of the outdoors, and I value maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in all aspects that contribute to being happy and healthy. I work as a lab assistant in the Bret-Harte lab over in Arctic Health which works with plants, so I haven’t got much experience in the field of microbiology at all. I’ve been really excited to take this class for a few years now, so I’m happy to be here. I think microorganisms and their worlds are fascinating and amazing. I’m always intrigued at the detail one can see though a microscope that are otherwise invisible to us.