Hello all, my name is Joesi Zastrow. I’m a lifelong Alaskan resident and a fourth year student at UAF hoping to graduate in the spring of next year with my B.S. in Biological Sciences. In my free time I am outdoors as much as possible. I love experimenting in the kitchen and have been following a plant-based diet for almost 2 years. I love the idea of world travel and immersion in other cultures, and am considering joining the Peace Corps once I graduate. I’m excited to learn more about how the world works, at this level that I don’t often consider. Cheers!


Joesi Lou Zastrow

A1 Intro Post: Ana Strachan

Hello Everyone,

Im Ana and I am finishing up my biology degree this semester. I am actually from California and have lived in Fairbanks for almost two years. I took an immunology course last semester and I really enjoyed learning how the immune system fights off invading microbes; so I decided to take this course so I can know more about microbes. When I am not doing school work I like to be outdoors (snowboarding, hiking, working out, ect) hanging out with friends and exploring new places.  

Heather Hanson

My name is Heather Hanson-Whatley, but for UAF it’s just Heather Hanson.   I’m a senior finishing my biology degree with a minor in psychology.   I currently work in the microbiology lab at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where they have started a Medical Lab Tech trainee program.   Microbiology is a prerequisite for the certification program I am applying to for the fall to become a medical lab technician, so I am back this semester just to take this class.   I’m excited to learn more about the microbes I am working with on a daily bases.   I have 3 kids that keep me busy and am amused at how much the “littles” have enjoyed learning about bugs and the immune system with me.   Not sure how many 4 year olds like to watch YouTube videos about dendridic cells and macrophages, but their kindergarten teacher is in for a ride next year.   🙂

David Warner Introduction

Hello Class!

My name is David Warner and I am a 5th year student in the environmental chemistry program. I am in this class because (apart from fulfilling a requirement for an environmental chemistry concentration) I have read a lot lately of how microbes are observed and even used in environmental processes, particularly those that involve contamination and remediation, which is my area of interest. I have already taken the Beginnings of Microbiology BIO 240 class, and while that is a good class on the fundamentals of microbes, it almost exclusively dealt with the biomedical aspect of microbio. I understand that to be vital to understanding disease, but there are other ways of observing and understanding microbes that were not touched on in that class that I am excited to learn in this class, particularly with Dr. Leigh’s personal work and research on microbes in the environment.

The scene of 2019

Hi, my name is Bevyn and I’m a chef, lover of history, the good and bad, and I’m always expanding my pun collection. I’m a life long Alaskan not by choice (came to Alaska for the northern lights, stayed because the car froze,) and this is my 3rd year in the Biology program at UAF.

I don’t really know all that much about microbes, so I guess that’s what I’m here for!

A1 Intro Post: Cristina Mondelli

Hi everyone! My name is Cristina Mondelli and I am a senior biology student. I plan on starting a dental practice in Fairbanks after attending dental school, which will enable me to travel and participate in medical missions. I recently returned from spending time in the Philippines teaching children about dental hygiene and playing soccer, and I had a blast! My hobbies include anything soccer related, teaching science to kids, and exploring the outdoors. I am excited to learn more about how microbes affect our oral health so I can share that knowledge with others. I am looking forward to an exciting semester with you all!


Hi my name is Parker Stone, and I am currently in my second year at UAF pursuing a degree in biology. I was born and raised in Anchorage. The picture is my coworker and me working for Fish and Game at 3am in Bristol Bay.  


Hey everyone my name is Kyle.   I am a junior at UAF studying Biology.   I enjoy reading, hiking, and playing ultimate Frisbee.   I am very interested in Microbiology because the field is unfamiliar to me.   Learning about organisms I have been unable to observe the majority of my life is intriguing, and I hope studying microorganisms will alter my approach to biological questions.