Intro Post- Karli Fitzgerald

Hello! My name is Karli, and I’m in my third year in the biology program.   I was born and raised here in Fairbanks, and I actually really like it here (except on the reeally cold days of course).   I enjoy doing outdoor activities, and I love sports of all kinds.   I have heard nothing but good things about this class, so I am looking forward to this semester!

A1 Intro Post: Matt Andrews

Hey Everyone!
My name is Matt, I was born in fairbanks and live just out past Ester, I was previously a CS major but have swapped over to biology because of an interest in genetics. I take classes part time and have a home business, “Frugal Framing”, which does mating and framing for local artists and businesses. I also enjoy graphic design and am reasonably comfortable doing 2D, 3D and 3D printing.

Hello Microbiology,

My name is Sarah Brower.   I am a senior and an Anthropology/Physical Biology double major.

I hope this class goes well for everyone.

This is one of my favorite animals, the Wolverine.

A1: Sage Robine

Hi everyone.

My name is Sage and this is my second year at UAF. I am an athlete on the UAF cross-country ski and running teams. I am really excited for this class, since microbiology research is something I am considering as a career.

Photo: running with my team on Wickersham Dome during our annual pre-season camp in August.