The bacteria found on my dog’s paw

Title of the paper:  Isolation and analysis of abundant bacterium from allergy-prone canine’s interdigital space to determine pathogenicity

My name:  Danielle Bohan

Brief description:  This paper reports my findings of the bacteria I isolated from my dog’s paw. I decided to isolate bacteria from my dog’s paw since he has allergies and, as a result, he has chronic  bacterial infections of  his paws. I was  curious to find out if the isolated bacterium  is  normally present on  canine skin or  if it was something unusual. According to PATRIC and Krona, my isolate contained mostly  Deinococcus radiodurans and a small portion of  Weissella  cibaria. Almost all of the physiologic testing and the cell/colony appearance  pointed to  Weissella cibaria. I did not find evidence  of having isolated D. radiodurans  other than  what PATRIC reported. Weissella  cibaria is normally found on  skin  and feces, so it  makes sense that I would find something like this on my dog’s paw. W. cibaria is also an opportunistic pathogen, so it makes more sense that this is the bacterium that is overgrowing  on my dog’s paw. It would have been nice to redo the  DNA extraction and  sequencing to  double  check  my isolate’s genome.

One image: Below is an image of what my TSA plates looked like after multiple isolation transfers. This image is a photo of Weissella cibaria  that I pulled from online.

A functional link to my paper:

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