Microbiology Menagerie

Title: “Microbiology Menagerie”

I decided to make a collage of drawings that I drew from pictures of microbes in our textbook. I chose pictures that I thought looked cool/interesting. The title references a menagerie, which is “a strange or diverse collection of people or things.” This collage is diverse because it includes microbes from all of the (current) trees of life: Bacteria (Thiomargarita, Green Sulfur Bacteria, Purple Sulfur Bacteria, and Serratia marcescens), Eukaryota (Giardia intestinalis, Plasmodium falciparum, Volvox carteri, and Euglena) and Archaea (Korarchaeum cryptofilum). It is also strange, in a sense, because microbes can often seem strange to humans, in both their size and in their different lifestyles. I used a regular graphite pencil, colored pencils, and sketch paper to make the drawings.

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