My name is Joesi Lou Zastrow and I wrote a song, my first one, entitled Earthen.

This song was inspired by the microbial processes in the hereafter; and to those that came before, in order to make life possible. Microbial decomposition is essential to global nutrient and carbon cycling and is responsible for the return of all decomposable materials back to the earth, including us. Another concept included in the song is the estimation that the human body is made up of as many bacterial cells as human cells, “I am only half of me.’

I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun with it.


Easing back into the earth,

Giving my thanks to the dirt

To be turned into past,

Beautiful cause we don’t last


I hope in life to understand

Just half as much as what’s on the palm

Of my hand


Feeling lost but I’ll be found

When returned to sweet ground

Broken down, rebuilt ain’t it profound


And I’d say I’ll miss this

But the only thing I won’t be missing are my bones


And I wonder where these parts of me will be

A million years away,

A lovely mystery

But after all, I’m only half of me


I am of and will return,

Assisted by a friendly little world

I am of and will return,

Assisted by a friendly little world


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