Microbes in the News – #3


The CDC has warned healthcare facilities in the United States about an outbreak of a resistant super fungus spreading across the United States, so far twelve states have seen outbreaks, with over 600 people infected.

A resistant strain of Candida auras  has killed half of the people infected within ninety days of contraction of the fungus. The outbreak has been associated with hospital stays and is cause for concern as a global emerging threat as a superbug due to it’s resistant to multiple anti-fungal treatments and all antibiotic treatments. It presents with vague symptoms; including general malaise, fever and chills. People with weakened immune systems are the most vulnerable, however, the outbreak is of great cause for concern if it has not been cured; at which point the potential for infection would pose a threat for infection to healthy people with healthy immune systems.

Candida auris is a yeast discovered in 2009 in Japan, after which time infection spread across Asia and the Middleast and entered the U.S. in 2013.


In class we have studied fungi and leaned that infections are difficult to treat because they are Eukaryotes and treatment could pose damage to our own cells.

Critical Analysis:

I think the news clip was a great way to get quick information, however, I do not think that it would be the best way to learn sufficient information regarding the topic and the reason why it would be of concern. Also, I think that including a medical perspective was a great idea because she provided an informed discussion.


The medical doctor mentioned that Candida auris is a normal part of the gut micro biome, however, when I checked other sites, I could not find supporting documentation. Is Candida auris a normal inhabitant of the human gut?

Article and Link:

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