A2: Microbes in the News

Article and link: Gut microbes can spur immune system to attack cancer by Catherine Paddock, Medical News Today, and Tuesday April2, 2019 and link.

Summary: The article found that there is the a connection between a healthy gut microbiome and the ability for an individuals ability to fight tumor growth. The study conducted by Thomas Gajewski foudn that there were 11 strains of gut bacteria that can help the immune system slow melanoma growth. These bacteria assist pathways that help keep proteins table.

Connections: This connects to how lecture series on the human microbiome and how important the gut is highly diverse and assists with keeping humans healthy.

Critical analysis: I found this entire article very interesting, especially that they found specific bacteria that aid in slowing tumor growth. I’ll be interested to see how this study progresses and if they can add these specific bacteria to individuals going through cancer treatment to assist with the bodies ability to eliminate tumor growth. The mouse model study looks very promising for the transplant of the bacteria but the inflammation response seems like it might be a dangerous side effect in humans who are already going through cancer treatment.

Question: I’m wondering if there will be a way to artificially stimulate the growth of the specific bacteria without transplanting them into a host.



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