A2: Rockland County orders public space ban for those diagnosed with measles

NPR, 4/17/2019



In response to the New York City measles outbreak, Rockland County, NY has issued an order banning those diagnosed or exposed to measles from all places of public assembly. Over 550 confirmed national cases, including 186 in Rockland and 329 in NYC, have been reported this year. This marks the second largest outbreak since 2000, the first being in 2014 (667 cases) [1]. CDC officials report that the outbreaks have been associated with Orthodox Jewish communities and other travelers returning from Israel. The vaccination rate for children in Rockland is only 72%, much lower than the 90% recommended for herd immunity to be effective.


We have covered the importance of herd immunity in class, and the dangers of an unvaccinated populace exposed to a pathogen like the measles virus.

Critical Analysis:

Though many of the Health-tagged stories on NPR have an obvious political slant, this one’s information is surprisingly clear-cut. It explains the rising toll of the infection, the cause, and the societal consequences, maintaining all this within the context of the infection.


How can the public be better informed about the benefits of vaccination and the need to take protective measures against pathogens, without victim blaming, ad hominem intelligence insults, or appealing to the cult of scientism (which would further alienate those hesitant to get vaccinated)?

Additional Info:

[1] https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/04/15/713508519/measles-outbreak-accelerates-health-officials-warn

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That’s interesting that the breakout is associated with a culture that is “old fashioned.” It makes sense if they’re not vaccinating because of religious reasons.
A way that we could inform and give people an incentive to vaccinate is to place more restrictions on public places. For example, airlines could be instructed to require proof of current vaccination to be eligible to fly.

We could have a vaccination number that is like a SSN assigned to each person and will be required upon request at places. Obviously, this is just brainstorming, but if NY issued an order banning infected people from public, this isn’t too far fetched either.



I can’t believe in this day and age with the level of education in the US that anti vacers are still a thing…..this is straight Child abuse…..with exception to the one that cant take the vac due to reaction with it. Great and scary story !!!!



I agree that you have to be careful when reading articles from big sources of content output like NPR, but that this article was very clear cut and made it obvious the issues that are arising due to the lack of vaccinations. To answer your question, I think the first step is just raising general awareness. While many do or don’t vaccinate for religious or personal beliefs, a lot more don’t because of ignorance to the situation. Starting by educating the public by getting the information out there would be a first big step, instead of having to always clear up the basic information, people can move onto more critical analysis about the situation.

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