Prime Time Players

During class when we talked about cell walls, it reminded me of a fence or a wall on a farm, you keep all the things you want in and all the bad things stay out. So for my project I drew a fence through a field and then drew the “good guy’ characters on one side on a happy and healthy land, and then the “bad characters’ on the other side in an unpleasant, desolate desert.

The fence is there to represent a cell wall, Gram -positive or negative, and the characters represent different processes of the cell, for example Dexter is the brains for DNA replication and the other characters do the heavy lifting of creating proteins like a ribosome. The bad characters reminded me of some of the “bad guys’ they might encounter on the outside, like Man Ray using force to try to break the cell or Mojo Jojo is the brains and tries to insert his bad DNA into the cell but their efforts are futile with the fence/cell wall in the way. I also thought the openness of the fence would allow for diffusion of small helpful “ions’ in and out.

The different kinds of microbes floating around in the sky are just there to confirm that this is a project about microbes.

I have a love of drawing the cartoon characters of my childhood so this project was a really fun one to try my hand at painting on a canvas for the first time.

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