Lauryn Harrod-“Mircobial Friends”

For my art project, I was inspired by my two nieces, Eesa and Jojo, to attempt to make a children’s book. The title of my piece, “Microbial Friends’, was intended to emphasize that not all microbes are harmful, as most children are taught. The book itself is made from pieces of cardboard and paper on which I drew the microbes. Unfortunately, it did not turn out even close to the way that I had envisioned, but it still conveys information about microbiology. Each structure of the cell is made from a different material to make it an interactive “touch and feel’ book and to integrate the functions of these structures. Furthermore, I made painfully cheesy rhymes to help myself remember the corresponding functions (it’s difficult to read the writing in the pictures so I included them below). I chose not to include a comprehensive list of functions, however, I tried to include some major ones. For example, the pili are responsible for twitching motility. In contrast, flagella allow the cell to exhibit a tumble and run method of movement and fimbriae can assist with adhesion. The glycocalyx can also be important in adhesion and can prevent dehydration. Lastly, endospores contain and protect genetic information from the cell, which is released when conditions are favorable. I also made the microbes different shapes to help me review cell morphology. For example, the green microbe is coccobacillus, the red is coccus, the blue is irregular and the purple and grey are bacillus.


Feel the sticky fimbriae, numerous and short. They are important for adhesion, and can make a biofilm fort!

Feel the glycocalyx, shiny and silky smooth. It prevents dehydration, and acts similar to glue!

Feel the twisty flagella, extra long and thin. They help the cell move, as it tumbles and runs again!

Feel the pokey pili, long and sticking out. They use twitching motility, to help the cell on its route!

Feel the bumpy endospore, round and in a heap. It protects the information, when the cell goes to sleep!

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