Archaea Tree




My art project was inspired by our two lectures on Archaea. I originally wanted to do a three part series but got a bit invested in this larger canvas so I decided to spend all my time painting little bits about each of the major types of Archaea. I really enjoyed looking into the different types and found that there was not as much information about the ammonia cycling for Thaumarchaeota as I anticipated. I was inspired but the Crenarchaeota being present in Yellow Stone hyper-thermal areas and deep sea vents. I tried to separate the different types of Archaea with the background but keep them unified be making it into a gradient.

I originally wanted to add to add rid bits about Nanoarchaeota and Korarchaeota but the information that was available didn’t lead to much inspiration for painting so I just left them with the names only.

I underlined the major genus for each of the three main types so that they were easy to identify.

I hope you enjoy my painting about Archaea.

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