Microbe/ Virus Stickers by Elora Skye Swan

Artist Statement:

For my art project, I decided to draw and make microbe stickers. I chose to do this because I did some research and this has been done, but its not common and I wanted to do something a little different. Not only will this allow people to display the artwork on any surface, but maybe it will spark conversation and help people to learn about different microbes if they feel curious enough to ask.

The first one I did was a bacteriophage.

Now I know that this is not exactly what a Bacteriophage looks like, but I wanted it to look mechanical, almost robotic. Since it is a virus, I wanted to play off of the “not alive’ idea. These were my favorite, and you may see a few around UAF!

My next was Rhinovirus.

I chose to do Rhinovirus (common cold) because it is such a common virus, and not a lot of people actually know what It looks like. I tried to put my own artistic touch on it by making it look as if the inside of the virus held a galaxy. I think when you put your own artistic flair on things, that it makes people a little more curious, and makes it your own.



My very last microbe I did was Adenovirus. I did not any stickers printed of this one because it was pretty expensive, but I wanted to share it anyways!


How I did these drawings:

I drew everything in procreate, and then printed off the stickers through an online company.  I looked at microscopic photos of these microbes, and then would draw my interpretation.

All in all I really enjoyed this project, because it allowed me to be artistic and scientific at the same time. I like intermixing art and science and I don’t think we get to do it enough. I hope you enjoyed my project! If you are interested in purchasing a sticker, I am selling them for $4 each!


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