A2: Microbes in the News Post 2

Copycat fungus deceives immune system and deactivates body’s response to infection. Science Daily, March 28, 2019.


Summary: Cryptococcus neoformans,  a fungi that is very dangerous for immune compromised people is able to send out a signal to weaken immune response. This pathway in humans is intended to prevent an overreaction by the immune system by effectively deactivating immune cells.

Connections: We are currently covering the immune system and pathogens in class.

Critical Analysis: I was interested in this story because we are currently covering the immune system in class. The story was written by a sight that regularly covers news in the science world. It was able to effectively turn what was a far more technical research paper into something most people can understand.

Would it be possible for a drug to block this pathway to bolster the immune system?

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