Painting with Microbes Lukash Platil F03

Enterobacter Aerogenes and Esterichia Coli Meme Culture: A selective culture plate with a niche joke from a viral internet campaign.

The plate was smeared using a graffiti inspired font while held vertically to further the graffiti feel.

MacConkey agar is a selective and differential medium that classifies bacteria based on their ability to ferment lactose, tolerate bile salts and grow in the presence of crystal violet.

E. Aerogenes is a gram negative bacteria whose growth is not inhibited by bile salts or crystal violet. The dark pink color of E. Aerogenes growing on a MacConkey agar is a result of the bacteria’s ability to ferment lactose.

E. Coli is a gram negative, rod shaped bacterium, that is not inhibited by bile salts and is able to ferment lactose. Because of these traits it turned a light pink when in contact with crystal violet.

E. Coli grows more clear on a TSA agar plate then E. Aerogenes so I suspected there would also going to be a slight difference in colors on the Mac agar plate. It appears to be this way in this instance.

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