Painting with Microbes

Kayla Haines-Wells

Lab section-F01

My intent was to paint something that represents the the tree of life. This makes me think about how if there wasn’t microbes that oxygenated the earth we wouldn’t be here.

There was some results that was I thought would turn out but some that I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t to surprised with the MAC plate because I used Chromobacterium violaceum in order to get the dark purple color for the out line of the tree. For the flowers/leaves on the tree I used Serraita marcescens that turn out pink as I expected. However, the TSA plate is what was really interesting there appears to be a green-yellow color where the grass after putting streaks of Escherichia coli in that area.  The EMB plate did exactly what the lab hand out said was that when using Escherichia coli  it strongly ferment lactose acidify, turning into a black with a green metallic sheen.

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