Et Justice Pour Tous

Alexander Gloger – Lab F01

The artistic intent traces its roots back to a poster concept I designed a few years ago for a band. It translates from French to “And Jus’┬áice For All”

This piece was created using Eosin methylene blue (EMB) media which can act as both selective or differential. Furthermore, I inoculated the plate with with an E. coli. strain that I found black in color, a perfect and bold contrast for such a dark medium.

The E. coli. grown in this media must have produced acid while they were feeding on the lactose must have acidified the eosin dye embedded within the EMB media to form black in color with glossy glare from incoming light.

Since the EMB has in it lactose, and eosin, a dye which is sensitive to acid, the e. coli. consuming this.


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