Naturally Inspiring Microbes. Reed T.

Reed Thomas

Lab F03

The artistic intent of the first image was to create a simple diagram of the human heart. Quite abstract, so the second photo has a diagram overlay to elucidate my artistic vision. My final piece is simply “UAF!.” I like it because of not only the simplicity but also the (somewhat) even consistency and ease of understanding what the art is portraying. A picture is worth 1,000 words, this one is worth 1,003.

  • Microbial Heart on EMB: The color scheme was to portray oxygenated (pink) and deoxygenated (black/shiny green). The E. coli turned metallic green/black because they ferment lactose very readily. On the other hand,  E.  aerogens were used to depict the pink/red “oxygenated blood.” Because they don’t ferment as well as  E. coli,  E. aerogens turned pink/red rather than green/black.
  • Microbial “UAF!” on MacConkey: For this plate, I only used E. coli. This species ferment lactose, which explains why the plate turned a pink tone. The colonies themselves were off-white, but appear slightly reddened when a light is shined through.

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