Painting with Microbes – How to create your post

Rachel Alexander Painting with Microbes

In Lab 6, you created microbial art using various bacterial strains on TSA, EMB, and MacConkey’s agar. In order to earn credit for this activity (10 pts), you must create a post for the website. Here’s what to include in your post for full credit:

  • Your name
  • Your lab section (F01, F02, F03)
  • One or more photos of your Painting with Microbes artwork. Artwork doesn’t always work out as you’d hoped, so that’s why you can choose 1 of your 3 to post.   But you’re welcome to post all 3 if you’d like.
  • Explain your artistic intent(s)
  • Explain the role of the differential or selective media in contributing to the color spectrum of your works. What type of medium was the work on? Did the medium change color? If so, how? What does that say about the strains that elicited this change or lack thereof? If it was on TSA, then just explain that it’s not differential.
  • Categorize your post by checking the “Painting with Microbes” box (see categories on the right of the screen when you’re creating your post) for full credit and to ensure that others can find it.


For the test plates created with your isolate: For the test of your isolate’s physiology using EMB and MacConkey agars, just note down the results following growth on these media and include them in your lab report. They do not need to be included in your Painting with Microbes post.

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