The Poison Apple


 Article:    “Fruit Processing Plant Linked to Deadly Listeria Outbreak” reporting by Victoria Cavaliere; Editing by Richard Chang

 Source:  Scientific American/ Reuters


Date Published: Jan 12 ,2015

Summery:   The FDA says it have discovered two strains of Listeria monocytogenes in a California apple processing plant related to 7 deaths and injured dozens who ate caramel coated apples. According to the CDC people were infected across 11 states and sickened 32 people total.

Critical Analysis:  The part of this story I find so profound is that from our early lectures in this class that Sir Joseph Lister, the pioneer of antiseptic surgery made his observation over a 100 years ago and we cant made a candy apple without the risk of killing someone. This story is not an isolated case it seems like every week someone is getting sick even killed from salads. This story is just reason 32780 why I’m a meatatarian with no intensions of seeking out PETA any time soon.

Question:    Why would anyone take the risk of eating fruit or salad when candy bars are virtually 100% safe to eat in America?


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Wow what a post! I agree that it is kind of crazy that we still have to be so careful of microbes even after their discovery over 100 years ago. However, I also think that this story is a testament to the diversity and prevalence of microbes all over the world. They are everywhere and we aren’t about to get away from them anytime soon! It is unfortunate that people still get sick because of microbes, but I think that is simply the way of life. Personally, I will definitely not stop eating fruits and vegetables any time soon due to their important health benefits. We actually eat microbes everyday and they are such an important part of us that I don’t really worry about getting sick. Even if I did get sick it is very unlikely that I would contract a strain of something that couldn’t be treated with antibiotics.

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