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Mitochondria’s Bacterial Origins Upended, The Scientist, April 25th 2018


Summary- As of recent scientist have discovered that mitochondria are not as closely related to Alphaproteobacteria as once thought.   While they can show that they are closely related it is not as close as once thought.   One of the major issues is that there is various type of Alphaproteobacteria and they cannot single out just one.   A major issue they have encountered is that they cannot account for all mutations that could have taken place over time.

Connections-   We have discussed the origins of mitochondria and other microbiological organisms.

Critical Analysis-  This is a subject I find interesting because I have really heard the actual origin story of mitochondria.   I’ve always been told it originated when a bacterium was captured by a eukaryotic cell.   It has always interested me when or how that event took place and this article opened my eyes to the fact that it may not have just been a single event but multiple events leading to a one that was better suited for the environment.   I do think the writes could have explained this process a little more in detail this process which would have made it easier for the general public to understand.   Overall I feel as though the authors conveyed the message they wanted to and were targeting the scientific community, which in turn was why they left out some of the explanations that would be needed for the general public.

Question- This article has made me think of how the event took place and if we will ever find the one Alphaproteobacteria that provides the link?

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