A3: Epithet Epitaphs – Olsenella

Ingar Olsen is a Norwegian microbiologist and  Professor at the Institute of Oral Biology in Norway. Together with his own Olsen group and the  Forsyth Institute he has been involved in the detection of  more than 700 major bacterial species in the human mouth and has been linking various strains with oral diseases, oral health, enamel degradation, root carries and diversity between human populations. His work is an important part of the continuing effort to understand the human microbiome.

Olsen was involved in the discovery of   Olsenella and it was was named after him in 2001. It is  a Gram-positive, non-spore-forming, obligate anaerobic and non-motile bacterial genus from the family of Coriobacteriaceae that are shaped like elliptical rods.


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