A3: Epithet Epitaphs-Grace Mikkelsen-H.G. Derxia

Derxia Gummosa  is a bacterial strain named after   H.G. Derx the Dutch microbiologist who found out about its exhistence. Derx lived from 1894—1953 in Denmark and conducted his research there. Derxia can be grown at a ph 0f 5-9 and acidified and a ph of 4.5 or less. The bacteria has also been tested and was sucessful in fixing nitrogen. It takes generally 2-3 weeks to fix it and only makes a small amount, but proved much more successful than other strains of bacteria.

H.G Derx also did other important work in the field of microbiolgy. Derx published two papers in 1925 and 1926 on  Penicillium luten bacteria as well and wrote a book about their lifecycle in 1928. He also did extensive research on sporangous cell life, and made many advaces in culture growing methods for the labs of his day.





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