Epithet Epitaphs: Devosia

Professor Dr. Paul De Vos was the inspiration for the genus name Devosia, a type of bacteria which is rod-shaped and moves around using flagella. There is no other meaning to the name then being used to celebrate De Vos and his contribution to science.

De Vos is a microbiologist who, according to LM-UGent, focuses on bacterial biodiversity, evolution and taxonomy, identification and detection. He is a professor at University Ghent. At the university, De Vos is the head of the department which identified many species of bacteria. The bacteria collection currently has more than 23000 strains, which represent more than 500 genera and 3500 species. He has also written and co-written around 170 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Devosia was named after him because of his contribution to the classification of gram-negative bacteria.



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