Heather Hanson

My name is Heather Hanson-Whatley, but for UAF it’s just Heather Hanson.   I’m a senior finishing my biology degree with a minor in psychology.   I currently work in the microbiology lab at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where they have started a Medical Lab Tech trainee program.   Microbiology is a prerequisite for the certification program I am applying to for the fall to become a medical lab technician, so I am back this semester just to take this class.   I’m excited to learn more about the microbes I am working with on a daily bases.   I have 3 kids that keep me busy and am amused at how much the “littles” have enjoyed learning about bugs and the immune system with me.   Not sure how many 4 year olds like to watch YouTube videos about dendridic cells and macrophages, but their kindergarten teacher is in for a ride next year.   🙂

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