A1: Introduction Post

Hello! My name is Brittany Wintter and I am a senior here at UAF in the Biological Sciences program. My goal is to attend Dental School then come back to Fairbanks to work in the public health sector.

I am a born and raised Fairbanksian but love traveling the world. A few of my life goals are to travel to all 50 states and as many countries across the world as possible with my son. The images included is from a cathedral in Austria that has over 100 faces and many full statues as well as a beautiful window, taken in 2017.

I am particularly interested in Porphyromonas gingivalis which is a keystone bacterium in the formation of periodontal disease and also contributes to immune diseases; it is also intriguing that if present it generally consists of 1% or less of the oral microbiome.

I look forward to our semester!


Gurk, Carinthia
Gurk, Carinthia

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