A1 Introductions: Alexander Gloger

Hello everybody!

I’m Alexander Gloger (pronounced Glow-ger).

I am currently in pursuit of a B.S. in Biology hopefully with an idea of where I want to continue my education into graduate school (either Medical or Biology-related PhD).

I really like microbiology; I’ve been exposed to it alongside epidemiology for a long time since I was a kid. Moreover, about two years ago, a colleague and I organized and coordinated with the Safety Director at the CDC and the Weather Ballooning Director at the FAA to conduct an experiment that would send a bacteria, a virus, and a fungi group into the high atmosphere via a weather balloon to study the effects of such the high environment on such organisms. The project never took flight unfortunately, but the experience I gathered and the professional insight from bright minds in high places really reinforced my interests in Biology and the microscopic world overall.

I look forward to a great class this semester and meeting you all!

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